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May 5, 2006

the moon using the new 8mm eyepiece (56x magnification).

April 30, 2006

Jupiter in the backyard. These 2 shots were taken with the new 8mm eyepiece (56x magnification). This pic was taken with the ISO set to auto and no exposure compensation. managed to pick up some of Jupiter's bands.

This one was with ISO 400. got the moons but too bright to see the bands.

September 23, 2005

Mesa Verde, Colorado. The bright star is Altair. this was a 2 second exposure.

April 14, 2005

Just held the digital camera to the eyepiece and shot some pictures.

To get the moon to come out at all, I set a custom white balance, turned exposure compensation down as far as it would go (to -2). the exposure time was only 1/6 s.

this is jupiter. the 4 smaller blurry dots are the 4 'gallilean' moons (the 4 largest moons that galilleo could see with his telescope in the 16th century). callisto is the one way off by itself. the others are io, europa, and ganymede. this was a 1 second exposure. I also set it to an iso of 400. jupiter is too bright, the stripes don't show up.

next time I'll have to try using the tripod with the digital camera.

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