wrecked the bike today. Taking the ramp from 202W to 101N, I wasn’t paying attention. I saw slow traffic in front of me, then realized it was stopped, not slow, grabbed the front brake while still turning, and highsided. good thing I was wearing full gear. I still scraped my knee. my right hand is swollen, bruised, and sore. my left shoulder is very sore, along with both knees. Bike is totalled.


Got the bike out again, put gas in it, and took a little shakedown ride. Got to watch lightning all over the valley, in front of me all the way from the south to the north as I headed west from home. Fortunately all the rain was well to the west of me. Went and got cash, fish tacos, and a vanilla coke. I could tell I hadn’t ridden in a while! Out of shape. On the way home I did hit full throttle and redline down the onramp, that was fun.

Only rode about 27 miles tonight, about half on local streets with stop lights, half highway. 8052 miles total now.

The Devil’s Road

Brian, Dan, and I set out much earlier (left at 8:30 instead of 10), rode to Clifton, AZ, and from there attacked the “Tail of the Beast”; US191 from Morenci to Alpine. This road used to be designated US666 and was affectionately known as “The Devil’s Road”.

96 Miles of curves
The road curves through the Apache National Forest.
We reach 8100 feet; it was cold!
Lots of fun curves!

From Alpine we jumped back on 180 and headed back for Safford. Made it back around 5pm.

280 miles total for today.

Foray Into New Mexico

Got going about 10am, got gas, rode to Springerville via highway 180 in New Mexico.

Some high elevation on the way, up to 7000 feet, so we saw lots of pine trees.

Just before Springerville we hit incredibly strong winds. Parked at Los Dos Molinos in Springerville, I was worried the bike would fall over. It was even worse trying to get gas after lunch.

From Springerville, we rode on to Quemado, NM, then cut over on NM32 to Apache Creek, through Reserve, NM, and then rejoined 180 and went back to Safford the way we had come from there.

Brian and and I rode 394 miles in 8 hours 22 minutes; approximately 7 hours of actual saddle time.

Got My Toe Down!

I had a service appointment for the ninja at 9 so I only had time to ride up to the first overlook on highway 88. Went much faster this time. On the way back down, I was taking one of the “15 mph” right-handers, and scraped my right foot! This indicates to me that I’m getting the bike leaned over.

I dropped it off at the dealer with 6461 miles on the odometer. They performed a “minor service”: oil and filter change, lube the chain, inspection, top off all fluids.