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I like KDE, and one of the reasons I prefer it over something like GNOME is the IOSlaves framework (fish is one of my favorites). basically, any part of kde can interact with any type of data or protocol as long as someone has written an IOSlave to handle it. a very powerful paradigm, which gives you lots of functionality in suprising places, much of which is unduplicated on any platform (yes, including Windows and Mac OS X). konqueror is KDE’s file manager and webbrowser. traditionally, I never use file browsers, preferring the command line. but fish has become a gateway application for me, in that I started using fish in konqueror (particularly reasonable when you consider having multiple konquerors open to different machines, allowing you to drag and drop files from one remote machine to another, all over ssh), and then found myself using konqueror to browse images on the local machine (rather than a dedicated application, like my old favorite gqview), and pretty soon I was using this gui file manager much more than any right-minded unix hacker would expect to! when I switched from gentoo to ubuntu, I noticed something was missing in konqueror. if you take a look at this old screenshot, you’ll see these three special little buttons: those buttons are the contents of the ViewMode Toolbar. With those three buttons, you can set the konqueror window to any of these views: Icon, MultiColumn, Tree, Info List, Detailed, Text view, Image View, File Size, or Cervisia (CVS front end). In Konqueror’s Settings menu, you can turn on or off any toolbar you like. but ViewMode was not listed as an option at all! The default file manager profile for konqueror: after some research on the Ubuntu Forums (it took a while because at first I didn’t even know my 3 missing buttons were called the ViewMode Toolbar), I finally found The Answer to the question of how to obtain those three buttons. What I think this means is that the normally fine folks who maintain the KDE packages for Kubuntu decided to disable the ViewMode toolbar entirely in ubuntu, with extreme prejudice. Why remains a mystery, but at least my most-used toolbar is restored in all its glory: Now I simply must show you the most interesting view modes, for perfect clarity. Icon view: tree view, list view, and detailed list view look very similar to each other; they mainly differ in the way they handle directories, so I’ll just show detailed list view here: now for the fun ones. image view: file size view (think gui ‘du’): Btw, this ‘frosty leaves’ image I keep showing here is a photo by a friend of a friend and for the final view I will show, I have to go to another directory. This one is cervisia which is a gui front end for the most ubiquitous revision control system around, CVS. I need to go to a CVS working directory.

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    1. ya, that photo is really compelling. I saved it, and never quite decided where to put it, so it sits in my home directory to this day. I keep meaning to ask her for a copy of a high-res version.

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