not so powerful

the Tripplite OMNI1000LCD UPS which I had raven (my server) plugged in to was still shutting off on me. at this point, I had one computer, 1 ethernet switch, 1 ethernet hub, and a kvm switch plugged into the battery. it should be able to handle that. then I moved the little stuff off battery, leaving only the computer. Even then, I’ve had it power off.

Today I exchanged the UPS for another one (same model) hoping that perhaps the one I got was bad. if this one shuts off on me too, I’ll have to get a refund and go get a different kind of UPS. I’ve again plugged in 1 computer, the ethernets, and the kvm switch into it. we’ll see.

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  1. The Tripp-Lite OMNI1000LCD is definitely not a quality product in my view. I have had up to 15 of them at work, and 5 have already died after 6 months to 1 year of use. Not only that but it is difficult to replace the battery as they were not made to be opened. If anyone is considering this product I would say look elsewhere. The funny thing is some of Tripp-Lite’s products have been very solid over the years. However seeing this UPS in action has made me switch to APC as I replace the bad units.

    PS To add to this today one of my users starting telling me about a problem that sounds just like your problem. He told me his UPS would shut down for no reason. I can switch it back on, but how long it will last is anyones guess.

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