Yellow 1999 Ford Mustang GT

Ordered March 8, 1999, built May 3, 1999, delivered May 17, 1999! Nine weeks is a long time to wait!! But really I’ve been waiting to get a car like this ever since I turned 16. I’ve always drooled over Mustang GTs!

Sometimes waiting has its rewards.

peak HP at 5000 RPM, peak torque at 4300 RPM
This year the mustang has 260 horsepower and 302 foot pounds of torque
Yellow 1999 Ford Mustang GT and Black Ford F150 Lightning
A Lightning came in on the same truck as my Stang
15.7 miles on the odometer
You can just make out the 150mph mark

my mustang and me

4.6L V8
281 cubic inches, coil on plug ignition (no distributors), and overhead cams ...
Mustang logo on engine
... plus a pony on top!