Dealing With the Cold

I put the liners in, and it made a huge difference. I still need to get new gloves, my hands pretty much started going numb, and I have a bit of air coming in around my neck, but it’s so much better than before.

Some statistics: The bike has 3115 miles now. I’ve gotten an average of 53.3 mpg (it’s so low because my typical highway cruising speed is an indicated 80-85 mph). I’ve had the bike for 170 days, or 24 weeks, or nearly six months. in that time, it’s cost me just under 14 cents per mile (or 6.5 cents per mile for just gas). My RX-8 costs over 19 cents per mile, most of which is gas: the RX-8 costs 14 cents per mile for gas costs alone.


fed the cats on the way to work and went to the bank. The trip in was 32.1 miles, bike is at 1033 miles now.

trip home (including a gas stop) was 29.2 miles. bike is at 1062 miles now.

This fill-up was 3.091 gallons, $11.80, and 55.969 average mpg. I got gas early since I probably won’t ride again until friday. The low fuel light came on just as I exited the highway at the gas station.


Rode to the pool store, to feed the cats, then on to downtown phoenix. got the low fuel light on the way back, so I got gas in AJ on the way home. I rode home a little slower with the low fuel light in my eye, even though I knew I had enough gas to get there.

48.7 miles there, 38.1 miles home. Bike is up to 888 miles now. This fill up was 3.795 gallons, $14.72, 209 miles, for an average mpg of 55.072

More Commuting

The helmet was dried out this morning.

Rode in to work, and stopped off at Berge Mazda to buy some RX-8 parts. it was 17.3 miles to Berge Mazda. From there I went to work with a brief stop to feed some cats. 14.2 miles. the bike is up to 646 miles now.

The ride home was 32.9 miles (took 202). traffic was great. I got gas on the way home, mileage was around 51mpg. I’ve been driving at an indicated 83 mph most of the time, which is actually around 75mph. Bike is at 679 miles now.


rode to downtown phoenix, then to work. low fuel light came on, on the way to Phoenix, got gas around the corner from work. I had to drive around a while trying to find a gas station, ended up at a Valero. It was 37.5 miles to Phoenix, then it was 16.3 miles to the gas station and to the office. the bike is up to 509 miles now. this tank of gas was 54.374 mpg, and I rode 184 miles on it

on the ride home, I took the new 202, which is now open all the way from 101 to 60. It was much nicer than that few miles on 101 which is really slow. no car pool lane though. This way was 31.6 miles instead of the usual 28. I think it was worth the extra three miles to avoid the stop and go traffic. bike is up to 540 miles now.

Just made my first grocery run on the bike; I stuffed a pint of strawberries, a huge bottle of conditioner, a block of cheese, a full-size box of kleenex and two rolls of paper towels into the backpack. somehow I managed to ride 7.9 miles, just going to Wal-Mart and back. total of 548 miles now.

This was quite a ride; there was a clump of rain off to the northwest on my way there, and the setting sun was shining through it. on the way home, there appeared to be a thunderstorm building up, I was a bit nervous about getting rained on while packing up the groceries. made it home completely dry, though, and the radar is confirming that the rain is staying just to the northwest of me.

Weight Distribution

RX-8 on the corner scales

Got the car on the SCCA corner scales. The gas guage was two ticks above the 1/2 mark. My best estimate, taking into account the amount of reserve fuel still in the tank after hitting the empty mark (2.5 gallons) is that I had about 10.3 gallons of gas in the tank. (it’s a 15.9 gallon tank). I took everything out of the car, including the floormats, but left in the factory-supplied air compressor (the corner of the car where the air compressor sits was still the lightest!)

Without Driver With Driver
left front right left front right
780 1563 783 843 1642 799
Total: 2969 Total: 3131
720 1407 687 776 1489 713
left rear right left rear right

With a full tank of gas (assuming gas weighs 6.25 lbs/gal) I’d guess the car would weigh about 3004 lbs before I get in. Alternatively, with an empty tank, I’d guess it would weigh around 2905 lbs. (but it’s not much fun with no gas)