Namiki Vanishing Point

The shipping box

The real box

The Namiki Vanishing Point fountain pen!

Ships with the twist converter attached.

A nice shot of the nib.

Instructions are under the false bottom.

Sometimes it is a good idea to read first.

Under the directions: a cartridge of blue (or perhaps blue black) ink, and a metal cap to put on top of the cartridge (so the push button will still work with the cartridge, which is shorter than the twist converter)

Trap door closed.

Trap door opening, with nib just barely coming out.

Nib extended all the way.

Pulled the twist converter straight out.

Put in a Pilot Black cartridge (IC-100; not the Blueish one that shipped with the pen). Had to squeeze the cartridge a few times to get some ink started.

Hard to tell with this lighting, but I put the metal cap on top of the cartridge.

Nib back in the pen.

First writing!