Weight Distribution

RX-8 on the corner scales

Got the car on the SCCA corner scales. The gas guage was two ticks above the 1/2 mark. My best estimate, taking into account the amount of reserve fuel still in the tank after hitting the empty mark (2.5 gallons) is that I had about 10.3 gallons of gas in the tank. (it’s a 15.9 gallon tank). I took everything out of the car, including the floormats, but left in the factory-supplied air compressor (the corner of the car where the air compressor sits was still the lightest!)

Without Driver With Driver
left front right left front right
780 1563 783 843 1642 799
Total: 2969 Total: 3131
720 1407 687 776 1489 713
left rear right left rear right

With a full tank of gas (assuming gas weighs 6.25 lbs/gal) I’d guess the car would weigh about 3004 lbs before I get in. Alternatively, with an empty tank, I’d guess it would weigh around 2905 lbs. (but it’s not much fun with no gas)