wrecked the bike today. Taking the ramp from 202W to 101N, I wasn’t paying attention. I saw slow traffic in front of me, then realized it was stopped, not slow, grabbed the front brake while still turning, and highsided. good thing I was wearing full gear. I still scraped my knee. my right hand is swollen, bruised, and sore. my left shoulder is very sore, along with both knees. Bike is totalled.


rode in to work again. went after rush hour, so traffic was good. 28.0 miles, 295 miles total

The street cleaners were out and cleaning the parking lot at work today; I had to drive through the wet parking lot. the black parts of the bike were full of spots

On the way home I decided to go ahead and get gas. I pulled into the gas station, and held too much speed; when I turned left to pull in front of a pump, I had to turn the front wheel too far and when I stopped it fell right over on its side. I was trying to hold it up but it was too far over, so onto the pavement it went. I was still standing. the engine was still running even. so I hit the kill switch and tried to lift it but couldn’t really, I didn’t take the time to get situated to use my legs to do the work. Three other guys who were individually getting gas came over and helped me lift it, that was nice. so now it has a small scuff. shifter scraped the side of the engine and might be bent slightly, but I can’t tell any difference while riding it.

smaller than a quarter















bike is up to 325 miles total, the trip home with gas stop was 29.5 miles, and this tank of gas got around 52.242 mpg

Then later in the evening I rode to downtown Phoenix and back. the trip out was 36.9 miles, and the trip back was 37.0 miles. the bike is up to 399 miles now. This was the first time I got to ride down 202; I was extra careful on the curves. also I hit a cloud of bugs somewhere in Mesa, made it hard to see out the visor after that.

Helmet Dropped

oops. got gas at 43 miles, set my helmet on the bike seat while fueling. so of course I managed to knock the helmet off, onto the ground. as soon as it fell off, I remembered reading that if you set the helmet on the ground while refueling you can’t knock it off.

I finished fueling (it took 1.755 gallons) and got back on the road.

Today I rode up 88 highway as far as hackamore road. This was the first time I got to go highway speeds. There is a lot of wind at 55mph!

When I got home and took my helmet off I realized one of the quick release connectors for the face plate was gone! it must have fallen off when I knocked the helmet off the seat. I got right back on the bike and went straight to the gas station. it was still there! so when I got back home I put it back together, and there seems to be no damage. the bike is up to a total of 60.1 miles now. today I rode for 18.2 miles, and between the helmet mishap and the high-speeds on 88 highway, there was certainly a lot of excitement today