Kevin Geiss sceenshots

Linux screenshots:

000213, enlightenment

010115, blackbox with bbeazel style
010128, blackbox with XMMS and extace
010314, blackbox with xplanet
010502, blackbox, with the tetraphenia style.
010503 blackbox. writing some code.

010511e enlightenment

010612_antialiased KDE. A whole desktop full of anti-aliased text!
010612_antialiased2 KDE. Anti-aliased web browsing!
010613 more KDE

010902_xmms_gdkxft blackbox
010902_grip_gdkxft blackbox
010903_gdkxft blackbox with bbeazel-blue style
011006 blackbox
011203_mozilla with AA fonts! in blackbox, using gdkxft. The bb style is blue_ness_ii.
011203_mozilla with AA fonts! in blackbox, using gdkxft. The bb style is underDarkGreen.
011203 Mozilla playing a qicktime movie using the Crossover plugin. Blackbox with the blue_ness_ii style.
011208 mozilla fonts Blackbox with the lemmons style.
011222 mozilla fonts. Blackbox with the nightfire style.

020115 kde_laptop with mosfet liquid
020115 kde with mosfet liquid


020215_kde, using Mosfet's Liquid theme, and some blue colors I whipped up.

020224 XDarwin in rootless mode running on my wife's ibook. You can see some xterms and xclock running with twm, the default window manager.
020224 the gimp using OroborOSX as a window manager on my wife's ibook
020224 the gimp using the AquaX-gtk-2 GTK+ theme.

020417 Blackbox with the bioforge style. root-tail is running on /var/log/messages in the upper right. The upper left is root-tail on /proc/keystrokes. I hacked the keyboard driver in the 2.4 kernel to count all keystrokes and publish the number in /proc/keystrokes. Silly, but fun. :) The yellow text in the middle is a transparent Eterm with no window manager decorations.
020424 Blackbox with the tristes style. Gentoo linux! gnumeric 1.0.6, mozilla 1.0rc1, using gdkxft.
020428 Blackbox with bioforge style. This is Gentoo Linux installed on my laptop, with mozilla 1.0rc1, gnumeric 1.0.6, and gdkxft.
020428 A picture of an XTerm using the 'Andale Mono' font, my new favorite.
020508 Mozilla fonts on the laptop in gentoo
020528 Mozilla on the laptop in gentoo

020714 gnome 2 on the laptop in gentoo

020818 Blackbox with the silver style, showing off mozilla fonts in gentoo

020822 KDE 3.0.3 in gentoo.
020901 KDE 3.1beta1 in gentoo.
020902 KDE 3.1beta1 in gentoo, with default style Keramik.
020913 Konqueror fonts, KDE 3.1beta1, running in blackbox in gentoo, with default style Keramik.
I installed gdkxft on my new laptop: before and after.
020923 Mozilla fonts used in the "after" screenshot above.
020929 Couldn't help it, had to tweak the fonts some more.
020929 fonts used in the previous screenshot.

021010 openbox uses the XRender extension to provide antialiased fonts!

021015 Mac OS X running inside Linux (Mac On Linux)
021016 Quicktime in Linux! Thanks to Mac OS X and mol
021218 Mac OS X: GTK+ apps running under XFree86 using OroborOSX and the AquaX GTK+ style. too much compression hides it, but the X client windows have drop shadows as well as being translucent when not focused.
021218 Mac OS X: gnumeric in the background and gvim running with the carbon GUI.
021228 Mac OS X: playing an old star trek DVD
030117 Mac OS X: I've sshed from my laptop (quasar) to ocotillo, one of my gentoo desktop machines. I'm running etc-update on ocotillo with my DISPLAY set to quasar and using gvim as the diff_command in /etc/etc-update.conf.

030306 KDE 3.1 in Gentoo Linux on Euphoria. my desktop at work. Style is keramik, color scheme is Aqua Fusion Blue, icon set is noonespecial's "Mac OS X Aqua Icon Theme for KDE 3.1"
030320 XFree86 4.3.0, KDE 3.1.1 in Gentoo Linux on quasar, my laptop. great fonts! (not that you can tell because of the jpeg compression)

030331 Mac OS X
030331 Mac OS X, showing Apple's new KHTML-based browser, Safari, with tabs. That's right, beta67, Tabbed Browsing in Safari!

030409 XFree86 4.3.0, KDE 3.1.1 in Gentoo Linux on quasar, my laptop. a png this time.
030424 XFree86 4.3.0-r2, KDE 3.1.1a, using keramik window decorations and liquid widgets.
030517 A Konquerer window, display remotely from raven on my ibook in OS X. Note the anti-aliased text, even though it is displayed remotely.
030521 KDE at work. Includes KDE's mini command line.

030620 Finally, I got lavaps running in OS X!! Once I clean up the code, I'll submit it to the author of lavaps and post it here.

030806 kde at work running a few new things
031114 Linux kernel 2.6.0-test9
031218 Linux kernel 2.6.0, released just before my birthday, I installed it for my birthday. And I even had Slashdot moderator points that day! Good birthday.

040201 ibook running panther

040201 kde 3.2-rc1 on my pentium III
040219 kde 3.2 on my ibook

040511 pearpc running on my 1.333GHz athlon, booting the OS X installer

040520 My work computer, running kde 3.2.2 with the plastic theme

040709 My laptop running Ratpoison, the window manager which has no use for the mouse. I set up a custom frameset (there are 9 frames on the screen). the top, large frame is the one I do work in. the bottom frames are just to hold xload, dockapps, lavaps, and an xterm I plan to use to tail files and run scripts in. The apps along the bottom are all in a separate ratpoison "group" from the other windows; the list at the upper right is ratpoison's message bar, I asked for a list of windows in the current group. I can split the large frame into multiple frames if I need to, but only have to rarely. (A good example of needing to split the frame is to have gdb or a running program in one frame, and a gvim in another frame.) The file cat'd on the large xterm is the bottom of my .xinitrc file.
040712 Ratpoison, with my dockapps and a side-byside gdb and gvim.
040714 Ratpoison, running on Apple's X11 in Mac OS X, in full screen mode.

My friend has a projector with a 12 FOOT screen. I plugged my laptop into this baby, and got a few pictures. My son Aiden and I are standing in front of the screen for scale.
040807 Ratpoison, running on Apple's X11 in Mac OS X, in full screen mode, showing my RX-8 spreadsheet.
040808 Ratpoison, running on Apple's X11 in Mac OS X, in full screen mode.
040808 My OS X desktop, safari showing slashdot.

040827 Ratpoison, running on Apple's X11 in Mac OS X, in full screen mode.
040908 Ratpoison, on my work machine.
040911 Ratpoison, on my laptop.
040922 Ratpoison, on my laptop running lavaps in a large frame. The code in gvim is the lavaps OS X process scan code.
041009 Ratpoison on my laptop, with ratbar
041009 Ratpoison on ocotillo, with ratbar
041015 Ratpoison on ocotillo, two monitors, xinerama! the left screen is only 1024x768, the right screen is 1152x864, so the junk at the lower left is the ``dead zone''. ratpoison is xinerama-aware, so that dead zone doesn't ever appear in real life. The big compile on the left is kde re-emerging with the xinerama USE flag turned on.
041124 Ratpoison on raven. Main frame shows mutt
041130 Ratpoison on euphoria.
041201 Ratpoison on my laptop.

041217 kde on my home workstation, xinerama

041218 os x on my ibook

060114 latest ratpoison setup on raven (the server you're on now)
060304 latest ratpoison setup on my laptop, running lots of kde apps

120119 the "Awesome" window manager, at work, fully utilizing four monitors

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